What to Do if You Aren’t Right for Each Other

The compatibility of men and women is very important for creating a healthy, harmonious relationship. When partners start dating or living together, they should take steps towards each other, look for common ground. However, sexual and mental compatibility may be present or absent, and if it’s absent, the couple won’t be able to maintain the relationship for a long time.

How the Compatibility Is Expressed

When a new relationship begins, the loving compatibility of a man and a woman is determined on a subconscious level. It often happens that you manage to find your soul mate, but time passes and the romance moves to a completely different level. If some criteria were not checked at the very beginning, confusion and frustration arise.

A good sign is the mutual admiration of partners for each other’s activities and hobbies. At the initial stage of a relationship, common values may not seem important, but when the rose and candy stage is over, problems arise due to the incompatibility of partners.

Signs of Incompatibility

Here are some signs that your partner isn’t a perfect match:

  1. You can’t relax next to your partner

If you constantly feel nervous or worry as if you need to perform on stage or correspond to some role, this is already a reason to think. Test yourself: can you just sit silently next to each other? Can you work or read a book while sitting in the same room or does the silence make you nervous?

  1. You have to hide your relationship

This applies to situations where you cannot fit your partner into your daily life. You only meet at a pre-arranged time, then you go home, watch TV and forget about them until you make an appointment again. It annoys you when plans change, or they do something spontaneously because it doesn’t fit into your life. 

  1. You like the idea of dating them, but not the idea of spending more time with them

Think about what makes you more excited: the fact that you have a partner, or that you met exactly them. This is a simple sign that shows whether your relationship has a future. It’s one thing if you need a relationship with no strings attached, but it’s another when you need a foundation for a long-term relationship.

  1. You have different expectations of sex

If you can’t come to the same page, then you need to learn to find agreement on this issue.

What to Do If You Aren’t a Perfect Match?

When you found out about your incompatibility, you shouldn’t rush things and tell your loved one about the breakup. Any relationship should be given a chance at the very beginning. You should end the relationship only if you and your partner have completely different views on the world, on issues of raising children, and maintaining everyday life. If the relationship between partners is healthy, both people feel calm and confident — just enjoy love. 

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